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Optimization in Traffic and Transport (Special Seminar in IMI)

Hold Date
2013-11-08 13:30〜2013-11-08 14:30
Seminar Room 7, Faculty of Mathematics building, Ito Campus
Object person
Ralf Borndörfer (Zuse Institute Berlin)

The mathematical treatment of planning problems in public transit, air, and rail traffic has made enormous advances in the last decade. Classical problems of vehicle and crew scheduling can nowadays be solved on a routine basis and for large scenarios using combinatorial optimization methods. This is not yet the case for problems that pertain to the design of public transit networks, and for problems of operations control that address the implementation of a schedule in the presence of disturbances. The talk surveys the state-of-the-art and some exciting developments in the area, and it addresses major challenges for the future.

* This seminar is organized as a part of ELC Seminar.