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Staff Introduction

MATSUMOTO, Kohji / Guest Professor

I am interested in the behaviour of, and the mutual relations among zeta and L-functions. Using mainly the tools of function theory, Fourier analysis and probability theory, I am studying mean values and the value-distribution of the classical Riemann zeta and Dirichlet L-functions, zeta-functions attached to algebraic or function fields, and automorphic L-functions.     I have also studied the analytic continuation, functional equations etc. for multiple zeta-functions. I defined the notion of zeta-functions of root systems, which are multi-variable generalizations of Witten zeta-functions. Recently I am studying, using the method of Lie theory, the properties of the zeta-function of each root system, and also the structure of the family of those functions.

Keywords L-Functions, Multiple Zeta-Functions, Universality, Root Systems
Faculty , Department Faculty of Mathematics , Guest Professor (Nagoya University)