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Staff Introduction

KAWASAKI, Hidefumi / Professor

I have researched various problems with continuous variables such as variational problems,
nonlinear programming problems, and best approximation problems, by using functional
analysis. My current research interests lie in the continuous- and discrete structure of
optimization and game theory. For instance, discretization of time variable in variational
problems reach extremal problems in a finite dimension space. It has been clarified that the
conjugate point theory for variational problems can be developed for extremal problems. I am
also esearching discrete fixed point theorem and its application to the game theory. I research
a duality theory in optimization. I work on origami mathematics. The main themes are the
orizuru deformation theory and the flat foldability. Furthermore, I wantto challenge wide fields
 in the future.  

Keywords Optimization Theory, Fixed Point Theorem, Game Theory, Origami Math.
Faculty , Department Faculty of Mathematics , Department of Mathematical Sciences