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Staff Introduction

FUJISAWA, Katsuki / Professor

The objective of our ongoing research project is to develop an advanced computing and optimization infrastructure for extremely large-scale graphs on post peta-scale supercomputers. Recent emergence of extremely large-scale graphs in various application fields, such as transportation, social network, cyber-security, and bioinformatics, etc., requires fast and scalable analysis. We propose a new framework of software stacks for extremely large-scale graph analysis systems, such as parallel graph analysis and optimization libraries on multiple CPUs and GPUs, hierarchal graph stores using non-volatile memory (NVM) devices, and graph processing and visualization systems.
We also present our parallel implementation for large-scale mathematical optimization problems. In the last decade, mathematical optimization programming (MOP) problems have been intensively studied in both their theoretical and practical aspect in a wide range of fields, such as combinatorial optimization, structural optimization, control theory, economics, quantum chemistry, sensor network location, data mining, and machine learning. The semidefinite programming (SDP) problem is a predominant problem in mathematical optimization. We demonstrate that our implementation is a high-performance general solver for SDPs in various application fields through numerical experiments at the TSUBAME 2.5 supercomputer in the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and we solved the largest SDP problem, thereby creating a new world record.

Keywords Mathematical Optimization Problem, Graph Analysis, High Performance Computing
Faculty , Department Institute of Mathematics for Industry , Intelligent Societal Implementation of Mathematical Computation ,Laboratory of Mathematical Design for Advanced Cryptography (concurrent) ,Industrial and Mathematical Statistics (concurrent)