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Staff Introduction

KIRA, Akifumi / Guest Professor

Most decision problems in the real world require multi-stage decisions, where successive decisions need to be made while taking into account changes in the situation that have been caused by previous decisions. For instance, a baseball team manager must give appropriate instructions to players while considering how the game will proceed as well as other possible uncertainties. I have been researching the theory and application of dynamic programming, which is an optimization method to efficiently solve these kinds of problems.

I am also interested in solving actual problems in society, and have carried out collaborative researches on Rich Vehicle Routing Problems with companies. The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is a collective term for problems that design optimal delivery or collection routes from one or several depot(s) to a number of geographically scattered customers. Examples include the delivery of products to retail stores, or determining the paths that garbage trucks follow. As a practical application, I am working on developing a solver that provides a schedule for restoration crews to restore as soon as possible lifeline networks that are disrupted during a disaster.

Keywords Decision Theory, Dynamic Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Operations Research
Faculty , Department Institute of Mathematics for Industry , Visitors Section ,Fujitsu Social Mathematics (joint research staff) ,Intelligent Societal Implementation of Mathematical Computation (Visiting Associate Professor)