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Staff Introduction

KAWAHARA, Yoshinobu / Professor

(Statistical) machine learning is one of the fundamental research fields that underline data-driven studies in a variety of scientific fields and AI-related technologies. In this laboratory, we conduct basic research including theoretical analysis and algorithm development for machine learning, and also applied research by applying these to problems in scientific and industrial fields.
Research subjects include prediction and analysis of time-series data based on machine learning, learning with prior knowledge on structures in data, optimization for machine learning and other problems such as reinforcement learning, manifold learning and casual inference. Also, we address data-driven approaches to problems in various natural sciences, and applications of machine learning to industrial problems in collaboration with several companies.

Keywords Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Time-Series Analysis, Optimization
Faculty , Department Institute of Mathematics for Industry , Industrial and Mathematical Statistics ,Intelligent Societal Implementation of Mathematical Computation (concurrent)