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Staff Introduction

TSUKAMOTO, Masaki / Professor

My main research area is mean dimension theory. This is a topological invariant of dynamical systems introduced by Gromov in 1999. His primary motivation is to propose a new approach to geometric analysis on open manifolds. Elon Lindenstrauss and Benjamin Weiss found a connection with deep problems in topological dynamics.
I am developing mean dimension theory from the viewpoint of geometric analysis, dynamical systems theory and information theory.
The following are the most important three directions of my research.

(1) Mean dimension of the dynamical systems of holomorphic curves.
(2) The problem of embedding dynamical systems into infinite dimensional cubes.
(3) Variational principle between mean dimension and rate distortion theory.

Keywords Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Mean Dimension
Faculty , Department Faculty of Mathematics , Department of Mathematics